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Book Cover Graphics - Simple and stylish, in high quality digital format, to help you reach your book publishing goals. If you've written your book and are ready for distinctive book cover art, then have a look at our portfolio of published covers. Our style may suit your expectations.

Learning the intricacies of digital graphics software takes time away from more important pursuits. We can provide book cover image files that will flatter your fiction or non-fiction book.

Frequent Questions

I'm Self-Publishing my book using print-on-demand technology or desktop publishing, and don't have a lot of money to spend on a cover. Then you've come to the right place. Our goal is to provide quality at affordable prices. We want to facilitate your publishing project. We'll even do plain text on a simple cover, if that's what you wish.

I want a high quality image. Please inspect our image quality. All book cover art is 300 dpi, meaning that each linear inch contains 300 'dots', enough to render a high quality, pixel-free image for your cover.

Do you do front and back covers? Of course. Smaller books look great with two piece covers with matching solid spines. Back covers may include an author photo, but they don't have to. Many authoritative and attractive books have plan back covers with promotional or descriptive text.

Do you create one piece book covers? Yes. The final dimensions of full wrap covers can depend on the book size, or the number of pages. One piece covers usually require additional customization, because they include the spine as well as the front and back covers.

How will it look when it's printed? We have a book jacket art gallery featuring our book cover designs, and a few photographs of printed book covers.

I've drawn some cover art. Now what? Email us with your approximate image size and we'll help you with scanner specifications. If you don't have a scanner, or have an oversized image, then inquire about scanning services at your local Kinkos or similar print shop. They can digitize your image and put it on a disc. You can then send us the image file (file name ending in .jpg or .png). Please contact us for an image email address before sending images, or consider hosting your image at http://imageshack.us/ and sending us the link.

I have a photo I want to use. Did you shoot it with a digital camera? Then we can use the .jpg file. Is it an old print? Then you'll need to scan it in, or have it scanned in. If it's an old slide, you can try scanning it in if your scanner has a slide attachment, or inquire at your local camera shop about slide scanning services.

I have a few images to choose from. We can help you decide. Some colors and images will work better than others. Generally, images with better quality - clarity, color, and size - will produce better covers.

I have black and white art. Using black and white or monochrome art, we can produce either a black and white cover, or tint or colorize the image for a color cover.

My book should match my website. In designing your cover. any information you feel is important, including your web site theme, is helpful.

I have a nice book. I want a nice cover. If that's as detailed as you can be about the sort of cover art design you'd like, don't despair. We'll create something suitable. Just give us an idea about your book's theme and we'll take it from there.

I want some privacy. Can you do plain covers? Our cover art store at Lulu.com offers a variety of plain, title-free inexpensive 6x9 inch covers that you can purchase and download today. We even offer a few free covers for immediate download. Lulu can print your title on these covers for you. If you don't see something there that meets your needs, let us know.

I need an eBook cover.
I'd love to have a unique Avatar.
My site could use some more/unique/better quality graphics.

I want something that I don't see mentioned here, something you might be able to do. We'll be happy to discuss your plans and decide how we may be of assistance. Contact us.

Our Philosophy

You've spent untold hours planning, writing, and polishing your book. Your book cover art should reflect that. For less than you might suppose, we can provide you with a cover that will beautifully compliment your work.

Contact Us

How much will it cost? Please email us with a few details about your project.

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